Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Woodfield High School Reviews GED Alternative Diploma Program

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Woodfield High School reviews on the web are overwhelmingly positive. Educational experts have praised Woodfield High for its innovative usage of technology in the field of education. Woodfield High’s graduates are now studying in higher learning institutions, serving the country in Afghanistan, working in fortune 500 companies. The success of Woodfield students in the real world is a testament to the school’s teaching methodology and unique programs.

Despite the positive reviews, Woodfield high has an internal review system of its own. School’s administration and faculty review its policies, programs and procedures on a regular basis. This summer Woodfield High School reviewed their GED alternative high school diploma program and made some important changes to the program.

The school administration has decided to make the program easier. Students who now apply for Woodfield High School’s GED alternative High School Diploma program would find the application procedure simple and smooth. Woodfield high school relies on the usage of technology, it is important for the school that their application procedure is completely online and simple. The new application procedure has made it very simple for students to apply for the program.

Woodfield also reviewed the evaluation procedure for the testing program. School administration has decided to make the tests more comprehensive. Even though the test is more comprehensive than ever but since Woodfield is an online school, it offers students chance to study and prepare for the test at their own pace. Students can retake the test, reschedule it, pause it and submit it for evaluation according to their own needs. This flexibility is a unique concept in online education sector and Woodfield High School is proud to take this initiative.

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